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Wedding Dresses

There are generally two ways that people approach me with Wedding Dress Designs.


Shop Coming Soon!

Very soon you will be able to purchase my designs through my website! Until then, please Contact over the phone or by email about any of my designs you would like or a custom piece that's made to measure.


How to Measure Yourself

To make things a little easier for me, please measure yourself in cm's or inches. Thank you!

1: Bust Measurement
Place your tape measure across the fullest part of your bust and around the back.

2. Under Your Bust
Measure just slightly under the bust where your bra would normally fit.

3. Your Waist
Measure around the slimmest point of your waist in line with your navel-(belly button!).

4. Your Hips
Measure all the way around the fullest part of your hips and around the back.

5. Dress Length
This might be a little tricky and you may need someone to help you. Measure from the nape of your neck (which is where your shoulders meet your neck) all the way down to the length you require the dress to be.